The Patterns

1 barrel cowhorse 4 leaf clover barrel bending barrel bunny run bend & jump big H
big H2 big M big O big T bootlace bowtie
cat's cradle clover leaf barrels clown hat country cowhorse crazy 8 double bowtie
Double L easter egg race figure 8 cowhorse flag race heart run horseshoe barrels
hourglass inverted horseshoe keyhole barrels keyhole Poles keyhole race london bridge
mushroom open end figure 8 pole bending polo race quadrangle reverse pole keyhole
scramble scurry race speed barrels st. patricks clover star streaking poles
thread the needle tom thumb tree pole triple bowtie turkey run turn n' burn
2 barrel cowhorse washington poles speed ball tail spin wild lark Callifornia speed barrels
Cupid's Arrow Reverse Star Wrangler Gymkhana Jig Mountain Cowhorse Dirty Triangle
Hair Ribbon Poles Oval Poles SingleClover leaf Gaited Stake 1 Tunnel Vision Sidewinder
Q Barrels G Pattern Barrel Back Reverse clover leaf Revised St. Patricks clover Double Figure 8 Revised Bow Tie
Palm Turkey Run Hitch & Go
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